Yesterday I was riding Zander, Julie's horse again. As usual I had a blast. He's an amazing horse. He's become BFF's with Ken. They always hang out and Zander seem particularly excited to see him every time. It's cute!

Afterwards we went for dinner to the same people who had dinner at my mum's house two days ago, the old neighbors. I had an amazing time there as well. We got served chicken, broccoli, homemade mashed potato and a special sauce you only get at TGI Friday's apparently that Wenche had learned to make. You make it with Jack Daniel's. It was really good! They had loads and loads of photo's of me when I was younger so we were looking through them and had an amazing time. They even had a video of me competing in dressage with my old horse, Rozz. It was really great to see that again. I'm going back there at some point to get some photos on a memory stick, maybe I can show some of them.

I got to visit the old apartment where I used to live from I was 5 to I was 13 too. It looked so much smaller than what it used to be, haha! My room was tiny, but I remember it being big, I used to think it was really roomy. My mum's room were even smaller. I was so funny!