Normally mascaras doesn't have a tendency to impress me. I feel like you can't "fake" the lashes you have and those commercials that say that a mascara will make your lashes so and so much longer or fuller is just saying it to make you buy it. If a mascara clumps you can just take an extra stroke or two with the brush and the clump with come off so that's not really a problem.

This mascara, however, did impress me. I got it as a gift just thinking, yay, I don't need to think about having to buy a new one when the one I have needs to be switched out. When I tried it, it was like it spread more evenly on the lashes making it so easy to apply. I just did two three strokes and felt happy with the result and felt like I didn't need to do more.

I'm definitely keeping this brush when the mascara is done. As what's inside the different mascaras is pretty much always the same, you really only need to buy an expensive mascara once and keep the brush. It's really the brush that counts.

I looked up this specific mascara and it had won several "buyers choice" type awards. I think with good reason. It's called Définicils High Definition and is from Lancome.


In this photo I just have one layer. I love it:)