My dad came home from Edinburgh two days ago and he brought lots and lots of chocolate! Chocolate makes me happy so I'm really happy. He brought a bag of mini Mars bars and mini Snickers and a big Anthon Berg chocolate box, hurray! Haha! It makes my mental health very happy, my physical health, not so much!

Yesterday the weather was actually so nice that I sat outside on the balcony in shorts reading for the theory driving test. It was a little cold, but the fact that I can makes me excited. Warmer times come a little closer every day.


I've been watching the first few episodes of Pretty Little Liars and I'm not too impressed. It's a little like Gossip Girl because they loose their friend called Alison, she dies, but they still get texts and stuff from a mysterious "A" that knows all the things Alison did and sees everything they do even behind closed doors. So this "A" is like Gossip Girl pretty much just in a much more serious and creepy way. I get what they're trying to do with the show, but it's just not as great as GG or any of the other shows I love. I will keep watching it for a while though because I want to know what happens, haha!


My dad came to me yesterday evening and gave me LOVE magazine, woho! He had apparently gotten it in Edinburgh and forgotten about it. Isn't that nice? He always gets me amazing presents.


It's as big as a book, I love it:)