Victoria's Secret


Victoria's Secret added a video a while back of the Angels posing and lip syncing to the Maroon 5 song "Woman". I love it! It's really time I buy the song on iTunes, I think, I've seen the video at least 25 times.


I love Victoria's Secret! I started watching their show and fell in love with their idea of beauty and the angels. I'm pretty sure all my lingerie is from VS. I've only shopped there four times. I haven't needed to buy any more bras since because they still fit perfectly and still look really good. My bikini is from VS too, it's really nice.

I love the lip sync thing they've started. My favorite is still them lip syncing "Moves Like Jagger" from last year. They've also done Katy Perry's "Firework" and Justin Bieber's "Beauty & A Beat".

You can find Victoria's Secret's website here.

Here in Bergen the weather is super nice again, yay! It's really sunny. This is the view from where I live at the moment:


It always puts me in a great mood:)