Bob's Burgers


I've started watching a new TV show called "Bob's Burgers". I've fallen in love with that show completely. Ken had started watching it and I was looking at it a few times just thinking "what on earth is that?!". At first I didn't quite get it, it looks like it shouldn't be good and all the characters apart from one are voiced by men, even the mum and one of the daughters in the family the show is about is voiced by men. However, when I got over that, I started enjoying it more and more and now I just laugh the entire episode through! The humor is not like any other show I've seen, it's random, at times silly and at times smart. I think it's funnier than Family Guy and I quite like Family Guy. The mum is my favorite character by far! I love her, she is so typical mother, it's hilarious!


Yesterday in the middle of cooking the over suddenly switched off and won't switch back on. It's so peculiar. I think it just died.. It really sucks, but my dad says we have a backup oven in the garage, haha! So random!

The weather here keeps being crazy. Now it's crazy windy! All the leaves are flying around, it makes it look like fall again. I don't wear lip gloss very often, but I have this curse over me so that every time I do wear it, it's extremely windy and my hair always stick to my lips, haha! It's so funny! If I ever stop taking the hair off my lips it, I walk around like I have a big mustache and beard.

I hope you had a great St. Patrick's day yesterday!