I've now done yoga for ten days in a row! I feel great and empowered. I only do 30 min, which I feel is best for me because I can keep it up. Those 30 min just fly by and I'm excited to do it every morning.

I'm also hooked on oatmeal, haha! I make it with milk so I get what I need when it comes to calcium. I don't eat much yoghurt or drink much milk so I find it hard to cover my calcium need, but I'm working on it. When you make it with milk instead of water it has a bit more calories, but it makes it taste better and since I do yoga every morning before breakfast it kind of cancels out some of the calories. It's super healthy too, so it's worth it!

It's still windy here in Bergen, but all the snow that came yesterday seem to have disappeared. I feel like this month has gone so fast for some reason. I can't believe we're half way through it already. I'm so looking forward to sunnier times, it's going to be gooood:)