"I have enough shoes", said no girl ever

I wish the weather and temperature here would just make up it's mind already. It was sunny when I woke up this morning, then it got really windy and now it's a snow storm outside. The whole house is shaking at times when it gets really windy.

I don't have a reason to go outside for the rest of the day, thank god. I finished my weekend shopping yesterday. The shops are closed here on Sundays so Saturdays in the grocery shop is a pain in the butt. There are so many people and they act like the store isn't going to be open for weeks. They're all stressed and are hording up on everything! So it feels like a win when you manage to avoid that day.

I'm a little upset because the comet, Pan-STARRS, has passed over Norway the last few days, but it hasn't been dark enough for me to see it. I really wanted to, it was suppose to be close to the moon, but the moon has gone down over the mountain before it was dark enough to see it. The sky was even free of clouds and I have my telescope here and everything. Ah well, next time! It's going to be a few more this year.

On Nelly.com it's shoe-week btw! Nelly is a Norwegian online fashion store, but I'm sure they ship outside Norway too. They have a competition to win a year worth of shoes! You can fin it here.