Winter Wonderland

December is pretty warm these days so I can finally wear my Winter Wonderland tee! My dad gave me this t-shirt and I thought it was really cool, but not quite appropriate or uplifting to wear during summer and it's way too cold for it during winter, normally. I've had this one for years, haha! Today, however it's warm enough to wear it with just a cardigan over it, yay!!

Something very exciting has happened! I've been nagging Ken FOREVER to make him launch his photography page on Facebook! He is such a good photographer and it's great for him to share his photos and memories. I'm so excited for this for both me and him because I love his pictures and can look at them all day long, haha!

Check out Ken's page and give it a like for support and to see some amazing photographs. He will be posting one photo a day with a little story attached to it! So excited! Find his page here.