Random Street Art

You know in my previous post that I told you that someone was practicing their Irish geography? Now someone is practicing their astronomy with their mum. I'm a space geek, so I'm not learning that much this time, but it's so much fun listening to!

On Sunday Harmania have a Christmas concert with all their students so I'm currently making lists and organizing certificates for the students. If you are in the area and want to come, let me know! In between Marie's lessons I get to talk to her a little bit if I have any questions, I'm still kind of in training and just learning to use excel and remember to use a PC again. I'm so used to Macs. Anyway, if I'm unsure how or what to do I get to write you guys! Yay!

I'm really enjoying working! It's great! I'm looking forward to see Granny later as well.

We're soon doing an outfit shoot which I'm excited about! Way too long since last time! We'll shoot it in Bray, good stuff!

Don't forget about my give away! I'm so jealous, it's such a good give away, I want to enter myself! Find it here!