Let's Catch Up

Hello there!

Today has been busy at work! I have so much respect for Marie (my boss, Ken's sister) after being around her for a while because she runs the entire music school on her own and I didn't quite realize actually how much that work took. She works 12 hour days for it because it's something she loves which is inspiring!

Hopefully I can take some work of her shoulders. She is keeping track of everything, as in everything! Finances, lesson inquiries, lists, the teachers, concerts with students, difficult clients, phone calls, emails, bills and she has piano, Suzuki and singing lessons all day long. It actually never ends. It's an endless spiral and she has been doing this for 2 1/2 years! She even cleans the school and does the dishes! It's unreal, I work a few hours a day and she said last Friday: "You must be KNACKERED! I won't keep you long today!". She was there many hours before me and many hours after me every single day, I didn't know what to say! I felt like it would be almost offensive if I said "sooo knackered" because she must take knackered to a whole new level!

Anyway, she is amazing. It's going to be a bit busy this week because they have a Christmas concert with the students coming up this Sunday so it's just extra work on top of everything else organizing it.

I feel lucky in the job as well because Marie is taking me under her wing, she is so nice to me and she knows I'm interested in everything. I'm a piano player so a music school is ideal, I'm interested in event managing and she is teaching me that and I really can imagine owning my own business one day so I soak in everything there is to learn and know about running a business, it's handy for how to handle the blog and inquiries for the blog as well.

Holy moly, long rant! Anyway, I've been busy either working or relaxing the last few days. It's been lovely, but I hope you are excited for more  frequent blogs!

On top of everything our room is FULL of boxes from the storage unit. We simply have no room for everything so some stuff is going down to Wexford to Ken's mum, who is so kind to store some things! We're about half way through them, though. At least we have cleared the rest of the apartment so our poor roommates don't have to trip over boxes everywhere!

Overall I'm very happy! Tell me about your weekend! What have you been up to?

I found this in my storage unit, I guess no excuses, so!

I found this in my storage unit, I guess no excuses, so!