A Girl Needs Her Options

Today has been really nice, Ken and I had a calm morning before heading out for some errands and coffee! Tonight we are going out with some friends which I'm excited about! I've been discussing what to wear with myself in my head all day, does anyone else do that? Haha! I think I've made up my mind!

I can't wait to get stuff from the storage unit, especially my shoes! I only have one pair of heels to wear. Thankfully they are grey and pretty neutral so they go with a lot of outfits, but my god, I can't wait to at least have the option to wear different heels!! A girl definitely needs options! 

Soon it's the weekend! Does anyone have plans? I have so many plans, haha! I'm not sure about all of them, though, so I'll tell you about it as we go:) Tomorrow we are visiting a friend, Jay, to pick up a game or something for Ken so we're going to be in our old neighborhood where we lived for about a year last time we were in Ireland. I like going to that place. I spent so much time there and all sorts of memories come to be just by being there!