The last few days have been somewhat hectic. While we were in Norway we rented a storage unit in Ireland with all the things from our previous apartment in Ireland. I've been stressed out trying to get someone with a van to help us drive our things to our new home in Dublin. It's about an half hour drive away.

It's really expensive to rent a van from a company and then find someone who can drive it so we were looking for private people with a van who would do it. We had a guy forever who could do it, but he cancelled and couldn't do it at all in the end, now we have to be out of the unit before 1st of December and were stressing to find someone who could do it! Finally we found a guy who will do it tomorrow! Yessss! So excited to see my old clothes!

We have also been in and out of hospital because Ken has a mysterious lump on his head that fills with fluid when he lies down so we went in two days ago and went back yesterday for scan of his head. Nothing serious or bad is going on so that's all good!

Now I've filed you in on what's been going on, I feel bad because I didn't write you, but now you know everything! Hopefully I'll be able to blog tomorrow as well after getting all our things. There will be loads of outfit photos when I get more clothes, haha!

Today we are cleaning and tidying to get ready for our stuff to come and thankfully we have some time to rest a little bit which we haven't had much of the last few days.