It's been such a hectic few days, but today and yesterday things seems to have calmed down a bit. It's nice before being busy again tomorrow.

Now I'm sitting in bed trying to motivate myself to eat better. Yesterday was ok, but I had toast and noodles and a good few carbs so I want to eat more lean and green. So far I've had a banana and a few grapes which is pretty promising! I need to head out to get something lean because I have nothing! I do have salad ingredients so maybe I can make something with that. Wait! I have tuna! Perfect! Who knew blogging could help me remember, haha!

I hope everyone are enjoying their week! I've been great, I enjoyed a Queens of the Stone Age concert last Sunday and I had a lovely relaxing day yesterday as our plans for the day fell through. I discovered my new guilty pleasure yesterday which is iced buns! It's amazing, I've never had it before!

Have a happy week everyone! <3