Still Ill

You know the way I said yesterday how much it sucks being ill and that I was going to take it easy all day? That didn't happen.  

A friend, Paul, came over yesterday and I hung out with Paul and Ken for a little bit and then decided to curl up in bed with Gossip Girl. After a little while they came in to me and told me they were going to a bar which I couldn't miss. Being in bed sounded so boring in comparison so I was throwing on some clothes and came with.

I didn't feel so good, but it was so fun and I'm happy I went! We went to a bar around the corner from where we live where they have a huge list of beers in all colours, shapes and tastes. Ken, for example, really likes a beer they have that tastes like Mango! They also have board games and things like that so we ended up playing Jenga which was so fun! 

Today I'm feeling a little bit better and Ken woke me with breakfast in bed! He brought me orange juice, chicken soup, lemon water and an apple. Perfect get well food!

Today Ken's dad and his girlfriend, Birgit, are coming over to say hi because Birgit is moving to Austria in a few days! In a little while Ken's dad, Eamonn will follow as they bought a house there. That's going to be weird, but a perfect excuse to visit Austria more! I love Austria!  

Then Eoin, a buddy, is coming over to record some music with Ken. So that's our plans for the day! Hopefully I won't be tempted to leave the house today as well and can get some laundry done! That's at least something you can do to make yourself feel useful while sick!