Happy Tuesday Morning

Hey! I'm enjoying a calm morning in, writing with sunbeams in my face from the window. I'm about to make some breakfast, but first one must blog, obviously!

Yesterday I started again to watch Gossip Girl. It's fun because I now know who Gossip Girl is which they revealed the last season. They actually throw a lot of hints in the first 3 episodes on who it is! It's so much fun watching it again! It's beauty and fashion inspiration right there!  

I decided to include more pictures taken in Trinity at my outfit shoot, there were so many that I liked! I only have limited clothes as I only packed one 20kg suitcase to move here with shoes, clothes, makeup and everything essential so new outfits are proving hard to come up with, hopefully I can go shopping soon, that'd be fun! There is a huge shopping paradise right around the corner from where I live so it's hard to save money, but so far I haven't bought anything clothing related! Soon hopefully!


Pictures by Ken Seiler