Computer is back!

Happy news! My computer is working, back to blogging loads, so happy! Sounds like my life is more or less back to normal, my computer is back, I've been doing yoga and we are pretty flee free in the apartment!

On the more negative side, everything I had on my computer is erased and the whole computer is reset!  I didn't even know how personalised it was, I have to do everything again! It seemed to be the only thing that would make my computer work and I couldn't stand not writing anymore so I was willing to do it! Now as everything is gone from my computer I better get out and take some new pictures for the blog. Ken and I are going out later to meet Mandy, Ken's mum, for food or coffee or something. She is seeing Billy Joel tonight in Dublin so we'll see her before the concert!

I hope everyone had a very happy halloween! I can't wait to write you later!! <3

The very, very fierce Alessandra Ambrosio&nbsp;

The very, very fierce Alessandra Ambrosio