Wexford, you're so pretty!

Today we did a weeks worth of shopping! We did the same last Tuesday! Honestly I think that a lot more economical in the long run. We got so much stuff too, I was amazed by everything we got for our money!  I really like Wexford town, I think it's a beautiful place! This picture is taken by the seafront. Main street is really beautiful too. Next time I'll try my best to capture that. There is a health store there that I love so much and apparently it's the cheapest health store in Ireland! I feel so lucky I found that place, it's so good!

Other than that we had lunch out. They have a lot of nice places to eat here in Wexford too. For such a small town, they've really made it nice for people! Often in small towns it's hard to find a place to eat, there are nice shops too! Arguineguin, where I lived in Spain, was the same too. So many nice places to eat!