Plans for the Near Future

Ken and I are currently staying in Wexford in Mandy's house while Mandy is in Germany, as most of you would already know! Right before we left for Ireland something really cool happened, as some of you may not know! 

Our friend Phil is living in Dublin City with two room mates who, he told us, are moving out. He asked if we were looking for a place and if we were interested in moving in there, which we really are! If things work out right, we will be moving in to Dublin really soon!  

The reason I don't always like talking so much about it, is because things tend to change! I barely dare to make any plans whatsoever because they so easily change and quite frequently do. This plan might change too and if it does I will let you know all about it! Nothing is settled yet, but as far as I know we are moving up to Dublin really soon!  I've heard the people who live there are moving out 19th of October. I still don't know if we would move then or later.

I'm so excited for that! I've always lived a little bit outside cities, but never directly in the city which is something I've always wanted! I really hope this can happen! I'm a bit of a worrier so I go through every bad scenario in my head, I barely dare to be excited because I'm scared of being disappointed!

I really hope it will work out, though! So that's the plans for our future!