Bed bugs?

Happy Saturday! I'm so excited for weekend, I wonder what it will bring!

Ken and I wake up every morning with at least 10 new bites from bugs every night! The first nights I just kind of ignored it hoping it would stop, but it's not stopping at all. I wonder if it's bed bugs or something because we don't notice any bugs in our room. I've slept in my PJ's every night as well and I have bites way under my PJ's. They look and feel like normal mosquito bites and itch like crazy!  Have anyone else had that problem? I think we are getting a new mattress, but that's expensive so until then I don't know what to do. Ken's mum suggested lavender and tea tree oil which we'll try! I'm also nervous about the fact that Ken's allergic to tea tree oil, but I have no idea what else to do!