Temple Bar

Temple Bar always confused me before because I thought it was a bar, I figured that was, of course, the obvious thing, but Temple Bar is actually an area with lots of bars and places to eat. It's so nice there and always full of life! Even though it's a popular place to visit for tourists, the Irish love it just as much! I find that in big cities where there is something really famous the people who live there just avoid it. In Temple Bar, however, you see tourists too, but there is mostly Dubliners actually!

My room mate, Phil, is a busker and plays in Temple Bar so Ken and I visited him while playing. Ken took some pictures of him that he can use for his new Facebook page. Ken's everyones photographer, he's so good! You can find and like Phil's Facebook page here. Also, he is recording some music you can hear on YouTube soon!



The cutest face ever!! 

The cutest face ever!!