Today Ken and I went towel shopping, we had none and I felt filthy, haha! Now I've had a nice shower, my first in the new place! I'm very happy with it. Also, you can drink water from the sink here!! I had no idea. Apparently you can't do that outside Dublin, but in Dublin the water is filtered, isn't that amazing? I actually miss that a lot from Norway! 

I wore my Dr. martens heels and I seriously need a cushion for my heels or not wear them for a long time, it got painful! I thought they would be as easy to walk in as the super comfortable, casual brown heels that I bought in Vienna (the ones I can't figure out the label of). I think it's a shame because I think the shoes are so good looking I wish I could wear them more.

I brought the camera out today while walking around in the city. I was really excited to photograph what I saw, but when I took out the camera the memory card wasn't in it!! It was sitting on my nightstand!! I was so bummed, I'm sorry there are no good pictures for you this time! 

Something that I love about being here the last two-three days is that Ken and I don't go out the door EVER without meeting people we know! I love that! Some people only Ken know obviously since he's lived here about 22 years longer than me, but also a lot of people that I know, it's so fun!  Besides it's nice getting to know Ken's friends too that I haven't met before.

There are so many cheap stores around and everything is local so it's easy to live on a low budget, you'd think it was more expensive living in town, but it is absolutely not! The only reason it might be more expensive is because you want to do fun things and go out all the time, but doing all those things are cheaper. Since we got a pretty low rent as well it makes our lives easier! 

Like I said in a previous blog, I'm almost too nervous to be excited because it's literally too good to be true, the timing as well was so.. just perfect and Phil and Joanna are people we both really get along with. I'm scared something will go wrong, but I'm starting to look forward to everything and I'm looking forward to more and different opportunities in life to come.