I don't really ever play Facebook games, they just don't look appealing to me, but Ken was playing Candy Crush so much and wanted to try and now I'm hooked! It's so fun! I started the day before yesterday and now I'm on level 32! Haha!

I'm currently doing some laundry and getting ready mentally to go to Dublin tomorrow! I'm excited! A family friend, Bernie is coming down to Wexford to stay a night and she is taking us to Dublin tomorrow! Exciting times! I haven't even seen the place yet! 

Ken and I keep having the worst night sleep. It's like a downward spiral, we constantly wake each other up and stuff! Now I'm so tired while blogging with some coffee, coke, water and green tea, I just couldn't decide! A little bit of everything it is! 

I'm looking forward to seeing Bernie tonight! I'll talk to you later unless you are too busy to read my blog. If that's the case you can catch up tomorrow! Have the best Saturday, darlings <3