Oh Noes!

Yesterday my phone was on 3 % battery so I plugged it in, but it didn't charge, I've never had that problem before. When it died it just didn't charge again! So I guess I'm phoneless! Time to save up for the 5S, I really want that one.

I'm sorry for not having blogged yesterday, it's quite unlike me, but I felt really uninspired even though I felt like I had things to write about! I can't wait to live in the city! Usually that inspires me so much! On Sunday we are heading up to Dublin to pay our first rent of the new apartment! Exciting times! 

Mandy is coming home from Germany today. She has landed already, but she is waiting for the buss at the airport. It's gonna be good to have her home again! She is bringing me Maltesers which I had a crazy craving for yesterday, so excited! Tonight we're cooking some homemade fries, pork shops and salad. I'm excited about it. The fries are in water to get rid of some of the starch as we speak!

I love it when my dinner looks like a forest! 

I love it when my dinner looks like a forest!