A little bitta Bardot

Ken and I were up bright and early to see Michael and do some shopping! We got some really nice stuff. Where we normally get our shopping they have such bad selection of fruit and vegetables because they get it all in in the morning and of course the healthy morning people have to buy it all leaving nothing for us coming later, haha!
 We went to Lidl which had a really good selection of stuff for a good price. I just grabbed a big bag of kale and spinach, grabbed some avocado, carrot and garlic! Happy times! They didn't have any of those things in the previous store!

Then I got a huge french baguette and ate it all for breakfast with a latte and some carrot and raspberry juice I always get at Lidl! So good!!

I always love seeing some pictures of Birgitte Bardot, her beauty is so inspiring! Today was no exeption so I decided to put them on my blog, enjoy! :)