Oslo trip

Yesterday evening Ken and I came home from a quick trip to Oslo. We took the train early on last Thursday from Bergen arriving in Oslo around 3 pm and took the train from Oslo yesterday, Saturday, at 4 pm arriving in Bergen at 11pm. We had to go there because Ken's passport expired in January. He is an Austrian citizen so he needed to go to the Austrian embassy  to get a new one and the only one in Norway is in Oslo. It was so fun, I love taking the train to Oslo so I was just really happy to do it. We tried to press as many experiences and see as much as possible in the little time we were there. I think we did really good!
Through the train window! Around a place called Finse.

We didn't do much the first day, Thursday. We only walked around a little in the area around the hotel towards Karl Johan street which is the main street in Oslo and found a small, nice place to get some dinner. We wanted to go to bed pretty early as we had to be up early the Friday as we had an appointment with the Austrian embassy at 10 am. We wanted to make the hotel breakfast and get ready so we were up at 8 am. 

View from our hotel room in the evening

Going to the embassy!

With some waiting time for me in the embassy I could only pose for some self shots!

Austrian flag
After the embassy we went to a park called Vigelands parken. It's a sculpture park and Vigeland is the surname of the guy who designed or made all the sculptures there. It's impressive. Later on we went straight to the National History Museum. Over there we saw some dinosaur skeletons, fossils and other impressive stuff, you'll see the photos! After that we went straight to Karl Johan's street and paid Hard Rock Café a little visit. Ken got a t-shirt and he bought me a little charm bracelet which was so cute. You can buy a charm from different countries and it looks like a guitar pick with the name of the city.

Later we were so tired so we ordered food to the hotel and stayed in for the evening. We wanted to be out pretty early the Saturday as well so we could see some stuff before the train left.

Vigelands parken

Ken's lovely photo. He let me borrow it for the blog:)
Some astrology thingy


The cutest dog ever came running over to Ken giving him a piece of ice demanding him to throw it! It was so adorable!

Haha, an angry snowman!

Ken is feeling up some girls butt!

When looking at those photos from Vigelands parken I am actually amazed by how well timed the shots were. There were so many people around, but in the photos it looks like we were alone!

The famous Ida. A monkey fossil.
Saturday, after checking out of the hotel, we walked down a really nice street nearby and had a look in some stores and pop-up shops, I loved it. We also saw a room made out of ice. I had seen it the day before from a different street, but wanted to take a closer look. I don't even know why because when I got the and looked at it it was like "ah, ok.." I didn't really know what to do about it, it didn't make any difference that I was closer, it was just a room, there was nothing more to see, haha! Ken took a picture of me in it though. I suppose I expected it to be an experience of some sort, but it wasn't at all that special, haha! Well done to whoever made it though.

We then went to the train station and left our luggage in a locker and went to see the new opera house made in Oslo. It was cool and really modern looking. The castle was cooler though. In the middle of Oslo you find the royal house or castle, whatever you like to call it really. It's in the very end of Karl Johan street and there are guards there at all times which is cool. They have to walk a certain way and not smile and stuff, it's really funny. There are several videos on Youtube of people trying to make them laugh by doing different things like telling jokes and dancing funny. 

When having seen the castle it was about 3 pm so one hour to our train left. We went back to the train station, grabbed something to eat, got our luggage and went to the train. That train journey was nice too, but not as nice as the first one because it got dark after a few hours so there were nothing more to see after that.
We asked the hotel for toothpaste and they gave us this! Cutest thing ever!


In the ice-room.

Buying some words of wisdom printed on wood. 

Ice room

Haha! Ken as Terry Richardson!

Ken met his hero on Karl Johan street

The new Opera house!

You find fun stuff on Karl Johans street

Outside the castle

The castle and the statue outside.

Some guy creating a lot of childlike happiness with his big bubbles
It was a short but really great trip! You can see Ken's side of the story here! Right now I'm just really happy and excited because the weather here in Bergen is sunny and amazing! It feels a little like spring, yay! Thank you, Bergen, for the warm welcome:)

Lots of love!