Moving day is over!

We're now out of the old place and in the new one. We moved in where my mum used to live so I'm back in my old room. I used to live here from when I was 13-14 to 15, it's funny and weird to be back. My mum lived here until recently so we got the place through her. We were moving all day yesterday with good help from some guys working with my mum and Ken in a firm who pretty much just lift things anyway.

The fun thing about moving is that you find things you thought you had lost or completely forgotten about. I found the dress I made for my prom in 9th grade, that was fun. I love that dress, I'd love to make more. I've worn this in too many funerals as it is the only black dress I think I've ever owned.


Here it is

The new apartment here doesn't have a dishwasher which I think is going to make me unhealthy as I will want to order food instead of making it so I don't have to clean, haha! It's a nice place though, it has a balcony and a pretty view. I like the grocery store nearby a lot. It's a little more expensive than the one that was close to the old place, but they have so much nice stuff.


 This is the view I've had from the bed, pretty chaotic. I've organized and made it a bit more tidy now though, thankfully. There's a lot still to do though.

We just now found the cutlery, haha! It's been missing in one of the million boxes around. It's made it tricky to eat as we couldn't find any what so ever! I'm making spaghetti later on, I hope I'll find everything I need for that. 


My riding gear I brought from Ireland that I still haven't used. Maybe I should!


My poor valentines day bear from last year being squeezed into a box with my shoes and Audrey Hepburn!

 I feel like I slept forever last night, it was very needed. It's switching between a snow storm and rain storm outside, I don't think the weather can make up it's mind. I haven't been outside yet, but it's pretty freezing in here.

Looots of love:)