It's valentines day!

Happy valentines day!

Today Ken and I have surprised each other with gifts. Ken made me the best video called Scrapbook with photos from our first date and up until now. I love it so much. I made an Irish breakfast for Ken with bacon, sausage, eggs and Irish tea. I also made cupcakes yesterday that are pink for today, they were suppose to be red, but I didn't have enough colour. I don't even know if it's possible to get them red, but whatever, pink will do. They're tasty, I've had three today already! Later we're grabbing something to eat in town and go for a movie. We're going to see Django Unchained which I'm really excited for since I'm a Tarantino fan.


We have the best relationship:)

 Yesterday Ken figured out that it was international pancake day so we decided in the heat of the moment to make pancakes. Really, I was stuck doing the pancakes, it took so long!! I got really inpatient as I was hungry already when I started, but I was worth it. It was really good.


The other day I was in a store and found an owl that you put your tea in and just leave it in the water, I thought it was adorable so I bought it. Isn't it cute?


I love Body Shop and got a gift card for my birthday from Jenny and Julie. I used it yesterday, it was really exciting, I feel like I got so much for the money! Thanks Jen and Jules!


 Now I'm off to have a shower and enjoy the rest of the day with my handsome beau <3

Have a great day whatever you do! I've always loved this day even when single, because I can eat so much chocolate and it's ok because, you know, it's valentines day!!

I love you, Ken!