I had the best valentines day yesterday. If you read yesterdays blog post you'll know pretty much what I did for the first half of the day. Ken and I had a lovely breakfast, gave each other presents and ate cupcakes. It was lovely. Later on we were going to to see Django Unchained. One of the first places we ever ate together, if not the first, was a McDonald's in London. It was a fun memory and somewhat memorable purely because of their lack of fries. We decided to eat at McDonald's yesterday too which was cute, but probably only for us as it's not the most glamorous place. I was way over dressed for McDonald's too. I wore my new favorite dress, I just think it's so gorgeous. 


Django Unchained was an amazing movie. It was so Tarantino, which is always nice. I can't get enough of blood and guts when it's done right. The movie made me laugh a lot, too. There were some really, really funny moments. In general the movie wasn't a little bit funny the entire way through like a comedy, but when it was funny, it was so hilarious I couldn't stop laughing for a few minutes or so. It was a really nice love story too. I don't really know what I can say about it, it just has to be seen.


I tried so hard to take a photo of my dress that would do it justice, but I didn't quite succeed. I tried though. It's definitely not the last time I'll wear it so maybe next time I'll manage to take a better photo of it.


It was so cold so I didn't want to take my coat of. The wind was freezing which is why I look so unhappy, haha!


Waiting for the movie to start!

I had such a good evening. I bought waaaay too much chocolate and popcorn. We brought the leftovers back home and we still have more than half of the popcorn left and a bag full of chocolate and stuff we picked out. On the way home we were walking to the tram and around the corner came a little older drunk man screaming at my face "Don't you hate people?!?!?" he looked so ridiculous and funny, haha! We saw a Muse poster about the upcoming show in Bergen so Ken was a hero giving me a late valentines present by taking it down and bringing it home for me. I love it, haha! Don't tell though!

When we came home I was exhausted so I jumped straight into my pyjamas, is there anything better? Then we watched an episode of Girls Next Door, the show about Hugh Hefner's girlfriends for those of you who don't know. They started showing it from season one yesterday on E! at 12.30 in the morning I think, sometime around that anyway. It's always a fun watch.


So needless to say, I had an amazing day! Today I've been eating a little leftovers and stayed in my PJ's. Perfect:)