It's been a calm start of the new year. I've been doing next to nothing just enjoying some peace and quiet. The weather these days are so sunny, I love it! It makes everything so beautiful. The other day it was more foggy than I've ever seen it before, you could barely see anything at all. 

I stopped watching Desperate Housewives a good few years ago, but I decided to finish the series from where I stopped. I finished it a few days ago and it was so exciting. The last season is so dark, I'm still upset over some of the stuff that happened including a certain death. It broke my heart, but it was great. It's always a bit sad when amazing shows like that end, but the ending was nice. Now I've started watching Lost again. I hope it keeps being as exciting as it is now, it's a lot of fun watching. 

My driving lessons are going well. I have them quite often and it gets better and better. It's a lot of fun too, I can't wait to get my license!

Here's some photos from the last few days:


Even a car can be cute!




The most foggy day ever


I found an apple with a butt

That's about it! Right now I'm eating some brownies I made, so good. Take care:)

Lots of love xoxo