Cinema trip


Rockin the 3D glasses

I went to see The Hobbit yesterday which was a lot of fun. My dad read it to me when I was a kid so I was particularly excited to see it for that reason. I remembered quite a lot, but I had no idea the movie is going to be in more than one part so I thought we were half way there when it ended, haha! I loved the new 40 frames per second thing. It looked so real and the orks looked even more terrifying! I just loved the elves and their beauty. The movie made me laugh a lot too, especially Gandalf and the dwarfs. Bilbo was pretty much just as I remember him from the book. The amount of details they remembered in the movie was amazing, apparently they worked with Tolkien's son to make it all perfect.


 I've been taking it easy lately, going for walks, learning new things to cook and taking lots of driving lessons. It's fun!


Right now, as you can see, I'm baking bread and watching the latest Victoria's Secret show again, it's always fun to watch!

Looots of love:)