The weather here in Bergen is wild these days. Christmas day was a little wet, cold and very slippery. The morning of the 27th I had a driving lesson and came out to freezing weather, snowing like crazy, and everything was white. Yesterday and today, however, have been really rainy and stormy. I don't know what to make of it all!  



Two or three days ago I received my Kora Organics package that I had gotten from my dad as a Christmas present. In case you didn't know, Kora Organics is Miranda Kerr's skin care line. I got cleanser, toner and moisturizer for my face and there was an offer where you got a lipbalm for free with that package for a limited time, so I also got that. I chose normal to dry skin type because we all know what the dry winter weather can do to our poor skin so I thought I little extra moisture could be helpful. And may I say I don't think my skin has ever been this moist before! I really love it. The express delivery took only 5 days all the way from Australia, I was very impressed. It is also all organic which is amazing. Often I see that organic stuff comes in packages that are brown, green and dark colours like that and I always find that to look boring, but this has a fresh and "clean" colour that I love. It's not tested on animals which I couldn't be happier about and it smells really good. It's clearly well thought out, for example I saw that the normal to sensitive skin care package had lavender scents which is known to calm you down. I can imagine it's great for redness and irritated skin. I have a cream cleanser, but the package for oily skin had a foam cleanser and things like that, it's clearly well done. 

Each product has a positive word written on it. The reason for this is that Dr. Masaru Emoto did research on water molecules and how they reacted to different words, music, thoughts and energy. When it was exposed to positive words, music and even thoughts they turned out looking like a beautiful snowflake. When they were exposed to negativity it turned out looking eroded and bad. The reaction was almost immediate. This is interesting as we are all made of 70% water, no? That's the reason Miranda decided to put the words on the products, to bring positive energy into it. 

I finished Miranda Kerr's book yesterday too called Treasure Yourself. It's really great, I'd recommend it to anybody. The first half is about life lessons and her stories, in the end of every chapter there are questions for you about the subject to make you think and maybe change your way of thinking. In the middle there is a bunch of photos like her first cover, first boyfriend, dog, family and so on. The second half of the book is positive affirmations and comments about them from Miranda. 


Today I have literally been in my night gown all day. It's been so nice and relaxing. I also made a tuna pie! My first pie, I'm very proud. It was actually delicious. I put cheese on top, but inside there is tuna, spinach, onion, eggs and so on. It turned out perfectly.


Yesterday I was lucky enough to get pancakes served by my mum. She always makes amazing food. I'm really excited for tomorrow too. I'm going to Karoline's new apartment, I'm seeing it for the first time which is really exciting. Most of my best friends are going to be there so I'm counting on the night to be spectacular. I have a bottle of wine ready (for once, I always forget to buy before a party) and I have my outfit planned. I hope there is lots and lots of fireworks, that's one of my favorite things ever.

2012 have been quite a journey in many ways. Thanks to everybody who's made it amazing. Especially Ken of course. We have more and more fun together every day. I'm so excited for 2013!! Happy new year:D