Pin-up girl


It's been snowing a lot the last few days until right now, now it's raining. All the lakes around are covered in ice, it's really pretty. I hope the rain doesn't take all the snow, I was hoping for a white christmas, but we'll see, I like the rain too so it's ok. To the left you see my dad and I in town. Bergen likes modern art I think, at least you find funny looking stuff everywhere like that upside down triangle with sort of a mirror that was outside a building. I like it though, perfect for a photograph! This was taken when my dad got his iPhone 5. I'm jealous and Ken is even more jealous, haha, he's dying to get one. 


I've been watching Gossip Girl the day after it airs and next episode is the very last episode ever. I couldn't be more excited and sad. It's sad that the story is going to be over, but they've said that the person behind Gossip Girl is going to be revealed the last episode which is very exciting. So is the fact that the whole story with all it's twists and turns and complicated situations is going to be put to an end and we're going to (hopefully) get all the answers we're all dying to know. The last episode ended very dramatically in old Hollywood style, big 'cliffhanger', I can't wait to see what happens. I've also heard rumors that Georgina is going to hook up with someone the last episode, but I take it all with a pinch of salt. I really hope Gossip Girl is actually going to be revealed and they're not all like "I told you it was a secret I'll never tell". I have no idea who I'd be happy with being Gossip Girl, I always thought Dorota made sense in a way, but I hope not, I'm hoping for a real omg moment. I hope Blair and Chuck will get to be together as well, their story has turned in to a nice love story. I really hope Serena pulls herself together and stop being such a weirdo, too. 

Other than that I'm enjoying learning to cook new things. Today I'm making ham. I learned that when my grandma was here. Tomorrow I'm making chicken fillets filled with mozzarella and pesto rolled in a specific type of ham, I'm not quite sure how it's going to turn out yet. I thankfully have salmon that I know how to make in case I mess it up completely, haha. I'm also obsessed with smoothies. I make some everyday, I usually buy a smoothie mix they have at the local store that has like small bags with frozen fruits and berries so I can "mix and match", it's fun.

Yesterday I had my first driving lesson too, it was so much fun. For some reason I love driving, I don't know why I haven't started on my license sooner. Well, I do know.. I moved to Spain shortly after I had turned 18, but I'm so excited I can do it now. I can't wait to have it. I got one teacher I'll have all the time, he seems really nice. He'll make sure I get everything done and learn things properly. The cars they had there were a lot newer and easier to drive than the cars I've been driving before, which was nice.

Here's some photos from the last few days:)


Found this lovely pin-up lady on the side of a coca-cola car:D 


My mum has a way with her breakfasts


I'm an overly attached girlfriend


The view from my mum's window




I found this crazy horse at Ikea the other day


It was so funny looking


My new cups

I went to Ikea with my mum, she has a lot still to get for her new apartment. I found these awesome retro looking cups. They are my new smoothie cups and I just love them. I also got a matching plate so I can serve cupcakes or whatever else I want to make with the smoothies, that makes me excited!