Hey, my name is Earl



The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show aired in the US three days ago, I saw it yesterday. I loved the it, I think the last two years it's been been better than ever. It was awesome seeing Adriana Lima open the show, she looks amazing and she is just ever so cool. The fantasy bra looked like it was made for Alessandra, I just totally imagine her style to be just like that. Rihanna's second performance I thought was the best performance in the show, I loved her outfit. I loved her pearl shades in her first performance too, I've already ordered similar ones. I love pearls so much, I just had to have them, haha!


They have this cool new thing on VictoriasSecret.com where you can see the  photos of the full outfits from the show and buy the underwear they are wearing, I love that!

I couldn't even start to talk about what I liked the most and which were my favorite outfits because there are so many. I absolutely love the show and I'm so excited for it every year, way more excited for this than christmas eve. Another one of the walks was inspired by all the seasons and traditions and stuff, such a cool idea! One of the walks were inspired by old Hollywood movie stars so it was very glamorous with lots of diamonds, it was also inspired by Swarovski as they have collaborated for ten years this year. The different sections were: Circus, Dangerous Liaisons, Calendar Girls, Pink Is Us, Silver Screen Angels and Angels In Bloom. I just want to watch it again now, I probably will, haha!


My new sunglasses:D

Here in Norway it's super cold these days, it's minus four degrees celsius in the day and minus ten at night. I can't sit still for more than five seconds inside without feeling freezing even though the radiators are on and I have warm clothes on. It's nice out though, the snow is still here even though it hasn't snowed for days and it's sunny every day which makes me really happy.

Do you like my new cover photo here? I thought it was time for a change, it was fun making it. 


Ken and I have started watching a show called "My name is Earl". It's so ridiculously funny! I laugh out loud several times each episode, it's just hilarious!! You have to watch it, it's on Netflix. It's about a southern, low-life guy who used to be a thief and did bad things. He wins 100,000 dollars in a scratch card, but gets hit by a car straight afterwards and starts to believe in karma. So he makes a list of all the bad things he's done and each episode is about him fixing something on his list, better and better things start happen too him. It's fun how true he stays to his promise to himself about making everything on the list right again, if he's been bad to someone he has to make them feel good again and change what he did even if they don't want him to. The cast is amazing. I'm getting excited talking about it, I just want to watch that too! Sometimes Earl looks ridiculously much like Ronnie Vannucci, the drummer from The Killers. 

Hope everyone is inside and warm:) 

Lots of love