Christmas time

The 23rd of December was my mums birthday so Ken and I spent the day at hers. We ate a nice beef dinner and found lots of christmas decoration, even some stuff I made myself when I was younger. We decorated the tree and gave her presents. We had a nice time. The day before we had done a huge shopping spree and gotten her first wifi router. She is somewhat old-fashioned, but that's ok. Ken is very happy anyway. He's become obsessed with the game Minecraft and are playing in several different ways and is watching a small show about it. He's going to make his own tutorials very soon so if you're into that keep your eyes open for videos. He already has some on his channel, you can find it here


Decorating the tree


This one I made!


This one too


And this one


This one was from my best friend in primary school, Torill:)

In Norway we celebrate Christmas the 24th. We usually have a gift in the morning, either the last gift in the advent calendar or something in the socks we hang up. Then we're usually with our family and have dinner. People have different dinner traditions during the holidays. For example: my grandma makes reindeer steak every year. I think most people have lamb ribs which is made a certain way so that it is really salty. We also have a certain type of sausage, potatoes and mashed rutabaga. That's what we had this year. Then the tradition is often rice cream for dessert. We had pears and ice cream instead. Canned pears is one of my favorite desserts ever so I was very happy. Then we sing christmas carols and walk around the christmas tree while holding hands. After all that we get presents, sometimes we open them one by one and sometimes we all just open them all together and it becomes a big mess of wrapping paper. Then we drink, eat candy, enjoy our presents and message or ring to thank whoever gave us presents. 

That's pretty much what we did, Ken and I spent Christmas with my mum. It was really nice, I got the best presents. From Ken I got this: 


The book is by Miranda Kerr, for those of you who don't know who she is she's a supermodel working as a Victoria's Secret angel among other huge things. This year alone in Paris fashion week she walked the runway for Dior, Lanvin, Chanel, John Galliano, Stella McCartney, Victor & Rolf and Loewe. She's huge and lately I've started taking a big interest in her and I like what she stands for so when I saw she had a book I had to get it. That was a really thoughtful present, my dad got me products from her skincare line too, I'm very excited. The glasses are perfect, like you saw in a previous blog I got to try them on already, but I had to wait to fully get them because they were a Christmas gift. The doll is amazing, it's a special edition Audrey Hepburn doll dressed in the outfit from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's when she is with the brazilian guy and gets the letter saying Fred is dead and there is this beautiful shot of her lying in bed covering her face with her hands crying while all the feathers in the pillows she broke in ager are all around her. I get excited just writing about it, anyway I didn't even know I wanted a doll like this, but it's perfect and I adore it!


It looks so much like her, it's almost weird!


The outfit and the Brazilian guy


I found the shot I was talking about:)

From my mum I got this: 


Which was also really thoughtful, I've wanted a mixer for so long, I always have to do it by hand. It's painful, takes forever and makes me grumpy so I'm so happy I don't have to do that anymore! Moomin must be my favorite cartoon character ever and I got a tag with him on it to put on my suitcase, so handy! I can't wait to travel again so I can use it. I was really happy about getting a book as well. Up until now I've been reading my dad's books. There is nothing wrong with that, he's got a small library here, but I can't wait to read my own. She got me a Nemi calendar as well which I'm always pleased about, she must be my favorite comic book character next to Emma Frost, she rocks too. Harley Quinn as well, maybe.. Anyway, Nemi exists in English too, but for some reason it's never as good as it is in Norwegian.


Ken's baileys


The Christmas tree!



It was a nice Christmas, I had a good time. Today or probably yesterday, it's quite late, I was a few hours at my mum's again watching TV and ate some more. Right now I'm just at home with my man watching some Desperate Housewives and just generally enjoying ourselves.



 I hope all of you had or are having a wonderful Christmas or whatever you celebrate. I hope you're having a great time regardless of traditions, religion and all that other stuff.

Lots of love, especially to those who aren't as fortunate as me and find Christmas time difficult.

I'll leave you with the cutest little Santa ever. XOXO