Christmas stuff and stuff


All the packages are done! It was fun decorating, they all look so different. I always have a few extra to get done because my grandma's birthday is today, 22nd, and my mum's is tomorrow, 23rd. I like finding things for other people so I thought it was fun picking them out. The shopping is so stressful these days though, Bergen is packed with people in a rush to get presents and their christmas food. Like my mum, she had like 12 really heavy bags of foods for the next hundred years, I just helped her out just carrying stuff. I have no idea how she would've done it on her own!


 We've done our grocery shopping too and gotten new toothbrushes. You may not think it's mentionable, but I think it's great, haha! New toothbrushes and new sock are always exciting and fun to use for the first time.


I bought this package on offer and thought it was a great deal, just got it in the mail today and the protein bars and powder were good so in case you like some you can find it here :)


Pretty and colourful and everything


I was just posing with the food and realized I looked all creepy with the knife, haha!


I cooked a small pre christmas meal for Ken, my dad and I because my dad is leaving tonight to go across the country to his side of the family while I stay in Bergen. It was nice!

That's about it!

Lots of love:) xoxo