November Rain



Just checking in, thought I'd say hi! As my mum has just moved there is a lot to do at hers so me and Ken called in to say hi and help her for a few hours. It was fun, especially as I mainly lived with her till i was 15 so there are loads of boxes with things from when I was a kid. It's funny how things feel so fresh in my memory even though it was such a long time ago.

Earlier in the day Jenny and I went to a shopping centre to take photos of things we wanted for christmas, what a great idea! It was super fun and somewhat hysterical towards the end as it does sometimes with us, haha!

Lana is only there as eye-candy if you were wondering:)


Here's Jenny and my goofy face at Lagunen!


My fabulous shoe I used my first summer ever!


An awesome ring I had when I was way younger. I'm totally gonna start using it again:D


I love this fabric!


Now I'm just relaxing, catching up on my TV shows and spending time with my man. The Victoria's Secret fashion show is coming up in a week or so I believe? I couldn't be more excited!

It's raining almost every day here these days, typical fall, especially here in Bergen. I like it though, but most of the beautiful fall colours have faded which makes everything look a little dull. I'm gonna start driving lessons soon, I'm excited about that. I've always really liked driving for some reason. I even enjoy driving games, haha!

I'm gonna leave you with a quote from one of my favorite songs. Stay safe and dry:)

"When your fears subside

and shadows still remain

I know that you can love me

when there's no one left to blame

So never mind the darkness

we still can find a way

Cause nothing lasts forever

even cold November rain"