Long time no see

The reason I haven't blogged much lately is because I haven't done much I thought was worth blogging about and partly lack of inspiration. Lately I've spent my days going for long walks and spending time with my lovely friends and family. I really love walking around a lake nearby called Tveitevannet. I've always loved that place and lately Ken has been teaching me how to use our Canon camera which makes the walk even more fun. I love being able to take better photos. Here's some photos from Tveitevannet the other day.


Fall <3


A little flooded! 


Handsome duck



We went out to check out this rock bar called Garage and a new place called Apollon that used to be a record shop and while I was away it apparently turned into a bar as well, so you can buy records and go drink at the same time, it's a really cool idea I think! Garage have been around for ever, but I never went before. A lot of famous bands played there before they got famous like Muse and Coldplay.


Ken and me at Garage

Yesterday we went to Ikea with my mum which is always fun. Like I've mentioned before my mum has bought a new place and is moving on Thursday. She was getting a wardrobe, a bed and inspiration for other things she needs.  We also ate of course, it's a must at Ikea! My mum told us the food was on her and that we could go wild and get whatever we wanted and however much we wanted so that's what we did. 


This is what I got, it was so delicious. I got blueberry juice too. I couldn't finish it all so I had the bread for later, I love that.


I had this amazing thing, it was salmon lasagne, it was supergood. I've never even heard of that before. 


We all went a little wild!


Here's my funny face in the bed section. 

We also got to see my mums new apartment. It was really nice, perfect for her I think.


Here we are checking out the view from the bedroom. 


Handsome in the attic!


We've been busy lately planing our trip to Vienna. We're going there the 17th to 21st so we're leaving in like four days, I'm so excited!! We are going to see Muse the 19th and Ken just got a press pass for it! He's a very happy bunny. There's so much to see there so it's gonna be hard to choose what to see and do in the few days we're there, I have a few ideas though. Hopefully we can get to see the Spanish Riding School in Vienna it's not too far away from our hotel. I've never been to Austria before so it'll be so much fun!


I love traveling and airports so I'm even looking forward to that part, we have to go via Copenhagen airport one way and Frankfurt airport the other, I don't remember in which order. I think the Victoria's Secret store has opened in Copenhagen airport now so I'm particularly excited about that, it's a very nice airport all together. I've never been to the one on Frankfurt before, but I've heard good things.

Lots Of Love xoxo