First day in Vienna

Ken and I are currently in Vienna and we're having a wonderful time! Right now I'm in the hotel bar enjoying a wine on the house and drinking loads of water because I have yet to find out if I can actually drink the spring water or not and as it's Sunday no store is open to buy any. I've been dehydrated for most of the time already, haha!

We took a flight leaving Bergen in the afternoon so we arrived to Vienna pretty late, only to find out that our luggage was lost. Of course I got quite stressed out as pretty much everything in it is things I love, but the man we talked with was pretty calm and told us it was probably because we had such a short time in Copenhagen where we changes flights, we were only there for 40 minutes. I actually managed to go shopping at the new Victoria's Secret store in those 40 minutes and make it to the next flight before boarding had even started, just saying... Lousy airport! Seeing the new VS store was amazing! It was an accessory store though so they only had panties, bags, perfumes, lotions and so on, but it was so much fun.


VS store, terminal 2 in Copenhagen airport! So excited! Ken's photo:)


This was on the wall:)


Wohoo, what's in here I won't share though, that's private!


Dry air and bad food in the air can make our faces go like this.. Or Ken said something silly, can't tell, haha! 


Finally at the hotel, sitting in the lobby, the only place with wifi.  Ken has thankfully manages to fix this though, he's got 3G now and I can hook up to that in the room:)

I did learn that Saturday is an excellent day to travel on, the airports were practically empty. There were no queues anywhere and the flights had plenty of room. As we were traveling with SAS the travel was pleasant as always. All the stores were closed when we arrived. I was using lenses on my eyes and they have to be taken out every night and my lens box and solution stuff was all in my luggage so we had to walk forever in a really dodgy area to try to find a pharmacy that was open 24 hours to buy new stuff. Thank god Ken was with me! After having asked a bunch of people and walking in the cold weather for a while we found it and woman there helped me find what I needed, she was very nice.

In our hotel we bought the room with some sort of package deal or whatever so we get breakfast every morning. I love hotel breakfasts, they are the best. We were up pretty early to eat, the food was great!  Thankfully around 4 o'clock this afternoon our luggage came to the hotel, I was super happy!! Earlier we had been for walks around getting to know the neighborhood. I also had some amazing Austrian food and a really, really weird thing called bubble tea, I'll show pictures in a little bit. I also shopped a few christmas gifts, it was fun! We're right by a shopping street, a shopping centre and a train station, perfect! Can't wait to go there tomorrow when things are actually open. I'm a troubled sleeper so I didn't sleep too much, and most of the time today I've been in yesterdays clothes and makeup so I apologize in advance for my tired face in the photos from the trip so far, haha!


This is bubble tea, you choose which bubble taste you want and they're in the bottom like this. I chose strawberry.


Here's the bubble bar, haha!


And this is what it looks like in the end. I had wild blueberry tea, I didn't like the bubbles at all, they burst in your mouth and it's really weird, Ken liked it though.




Some park nearby:)


They have these things on the street, you put in 90 cent and you can just take a newspaper. Very trusting country, especially for such a big city!

 So far I have a great impression, the people seem very nice, most of them anyway, some seem a little stressed and grumpy. It's beautiful, I can't wait to see more of the city. I'm gonna do a little shopping tomorrow morning and then see Muse in the evening!! I'm so excited! I hope me and Ken won't be separated there as he has a press pass, but I'm sure we'll find each other. I'm kind of hoping I can sneak in with him and get to the front and take some photos. We've just had some junkfood for dinner which is nice, it usually must be had at some point on a trip!


That's what it looks like where I am right now, the waiter just made fun of me for drinking so much water. I'm having a really great time, I'm so excited for the next few days. So happy!

Lots of love:) xoxo