To Norway!


Yesterday morning we left Ireland. Mandy was kind and drove us to the airport where we were traveling with SAS to Bergen via Copenhagen. We had a lot of luggage of course and when checking in to a very nice Russian woman, we had a bit of overweight on our luggage and Ken offered straight away to take something out and rearrange our stuff. She answered with a Russian accent "Don't worry about it, we're not Ryanair". It was hilarious! I love SAS.


Saying goodbye to Mandy was so sad, but I think she's coming to visit and we're planing coming back to Ireland to spend time with her on her birthday next month. It was heartbreaking to say goodbye to Evie too, she was really upset.

The flight was a little delayed so we had a delicious smoothie while waiting and I got a new foundation (Rimmel, only 10 euro, but absolutely amazing).

In the two photos above you see Denmark. It's so flat, I don't think there's a single hill in the entire country so everyone cycles, but more about that some other time!


The airport in Copenhagen is amazing, it was a lovely surprise to see that they are opening a Victoria's Secret store there. That's very exciting. I'll make sure always layover in Copenhagen no matter where I go!


Lana Del Rey is signed to NEXT model management and it was very exciting to see her pictures with H&M in the store in Copenhagen. She is on loads of the busses in Dublin too, but I never got a chance to take a photo. 

Our second flight was delayed too, but I didn't mind at all, I love that airport. It's got all sorts of shops and several Starbucks shops. They're just as busy as they normally are. It's very beautiful looking too and the people are all nice.


The pictures above are all of the wonderful Copenhagen airport. I have great memories from there. The flight we took to Bergen was very small. There were only two seats on each side of the isle and Ken were too tall, he bumped his head of the roof, it was very funny.

It's always fun traveling with Ken, he always somehow manage to make laugh the entire way. He also inspires me to be a better person, he's really the best.


The pictures above were taken on the flight between Copenhagen and Bergen.

My mum came and picked us up from the airport. Here we are with our tons of luggage. It was great to see my mum again, she came straight from work. She was working for a British Pink Floyd tribute band, Brit Floyd. She was leaving almost straight away to see their show and work some more, but we were lucky to catch her on her break and she was very nice to come get us. We went straight to my dad's house where we'll be staying. He had to go too, he's working in Moss I think so he's gone till Thursday afternoon. We have just been relaxing and sleeping last night and today, it's been so nice. We've been tired after the travel and since we had to be up so early to leave for the airport in Dublin I hadn't slept very much.

I saw Jenny later today though. She's my very best friend. We've got a lot of history, it's great having a friend like her. Even though our friendship has been on hold for a while as I've been abroad for over two years it's great that we can pick it up just where we left it. I'm pretty sure no matter how many years I live away from Bergen she'll always be my bff! She was very persistent and even though I was way too tired she dragged me to a shopping centre, Lagunen, for coffee.

Here we are!


The rest of the evening I've been sitting inside watching The Simpsons and eating pizza with my love. That's always fun. It's nice having the house to ourselves, I don't think we've had that since we left our old apartment. I love it!