Tiffany Blue

Hello there

Tiffany's has this thing on their website called what makes true love where you send in a romantic photo and they choose certain ones that go on their website and my photo made it, yay! You can find it here. You can give me votes by clicking 'like' next to the heart. I'm not really sure what happens if you get a lot of likes or what you get if you're the one with the most likes, but I wouldn't mind finding out! 

I love Tiffany's. They are the only ones that could make a Cyan colour be so romantic. They have trademarked their colour and called it 'Tiffany Blue', I think that's pretty cool. I think I got my eyes opened for the company through my favorite movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. I had to check out what Tiffany's were like of course and I love every single piece they do. 

I'm lucky to have my own Tiffany's piece. My last birthday turning 20, Ken told me he had a surprise for me and took me in to Dublin town and bought me a chocolate muffin and a latte and took me to Tiffany's so I would get to have breakfast at Tiffany's and got me a necklace. It one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me. The necklace is a small circle with the letter 'E' in it, it's perfect! It's a perfect size as I like small jewelry pieces, it's classy and goes with everything. I love it so much.


Outside Tiffany's on my birthday with the bag and my muffin in my hand.


One of the most exciting boxes I've opened!


Isn't it so pretty?

The other day I went to see Ken at work. He works in Grieghallen these days. I've always loved that place so it's pretty cool to see what goes on behind the scenes. Ken sets up tables and build stages and that sort of stuff. He had to work overtime and was starving so I came to meet him and give him a little food. I'm always so excited to see him if I haven't seen him for a while so I was very happy to come.


Outside Grieghallen


In the reception you find this massive Edward Grieg piece, so cool!


Here he is working away! 

Later in the day I was also super lucky to get some awesome flowers and chocolate. They look like they're on fire I just had to show them off. I love the colour!


Have a good one!