I've had a great few days being mostly at home enjoying time with my grandma and her husband. They stayed here in Bergen longer than expected which I was delighted about. I was happy about staying inside as well, it's getting really cold outside. I snowed a few days ago for the first time this year which is very exciting, but scary because the ground is gonna be slippery and I tend to fall easily and a lot, I'm incredibly clumsy! They had their dog with them who's called Roma. She's a two year old Rottweiler, she's huge, heavy and really easily excited so she's jumps up on me almost knocking me over, it's really funny! My grandma is an amazing cook so I got her to teach me a few things, it was great fun. She taught me to cook a steak and bake bread. The bread is amazing, it tastes so good and I'm excited I can make it now. It's been quiet the last days and it's been really nice. Here's some pictures:)


I'm showing grandma the front camera on my phone


Baking bread, it just looked so pretty!


Bread ready to be put in the oven


Our first snow, it was hard to capture it, but I think I managed!


In town doing a little bit of shopping and following Ken to work


I was cutting my avocado and just kept on cutting through the stone and didn't think about or notice before I was done! I must have superpowers without knowing about it!

Keep warm! Lots of love xoxo