Pocket thief



I'm so hooked on The Simpsons lately. I've been watching it with Ken and it's so much fun, we're just finishing season five now. It's funny how they started the show before I was born and the concept is still fun and cool today. It's been with Ken his entire life because the first ever episode aired the same year he was born so they're the same age.

We're also both playing Simpsons themed Tapped Out which is an iPhone game. It's really cool, you build Springfield and get characters from the show. It looks like the picture bellow these days because it's halloween month.  KJBcast.com did a really great review you can read it here. KJBcast is a great website to follow if you're into gaming. They keep you updated on all gaming related things going on.


In spirit of watching The Simpsons we got Simpsons doughnuts. I usually call them "do nots", but I made an exception.


Ken bought be new socks the other day, you may not think that's worth mentioning, but I love new socks so much. It's just an amazing thing and incredibly comfortable, they were cute too, pink and everything.


As you can see above he gave me the best bag to keep them in too with my all time favorite icon on it. The bag is even prettier than in the picture. He got me lots of socks and a pair of shoes. He is actually the best boyfriend in the world. You can check out his blog here if you want to!

Suki has been extra flirtatious lately.


He was all cute and cuddly and suddenly I realized he was stealing my pocket with his paw! Pocket thief!

Yesterday evening we had dinner and drinks with friends as a good bye and introduction at the same time. An old Norwegian friend of mine, Thomas, is here in Dublin for a semester in school. He's a gamer too like Ken's other friends and got a lot in common with them so it was perfect to introduce him to the others and spend time with them before we leave next Tuesday.


From left: Thomas, Ken, me, Kevin, Aisling, Brian and James. Jack was there too, but just as he left I thought of the fact that I wanted a group photo. It's a shame he isn't in it! I had the best time. It was fun seeing Thomas again too.


Here's me and Ken after the dinner in Dun Laoghaire.

I have packed everything again now as I packed way too much the first time. The suitcases are still a bit heavy, I have to weigh them, but I took out so many things. I wish there was no such ting as overweight! I feel like I filled the two suitcases with only 'can't live without' items and I still think it's a little too much. Apart from that I'm very ready to go:)