I just ride


Yesterday afternoon I suddenly felt awful. I must have caught a bug or something. It came really quickly, I guess it didn't help that I went out earlier in the day wearing only a dress either. It looked so sunny and warm outside and it was, in the sun. We went the only place in Bergen where it wasn't actually sunny so it was pretty cold after a while. I just thought it was my last opportunity to wear a nice summer dress this year, but I suppose that wasn't very wise, I'm paying for that decision now!


My dad is really interested in street art and knows pretty much everything there is to know about that stuff. Ken is interested too so my dad decided to take us down to an abandoned factory building with huge rooms covered in lots of graffiti and street art. It looked like the perfect location for a horror movie. It got darker and darker the further in we went. Apparently it used to be a paint factory.


My pictures don't even kind of do it justice, it was pretty cool. My dad takes photos of street art and posts it on insragram and he's got like over two thousand followers. Oeyra is his instagram name if you want to find him. Ken has proper photos on his Facebook and you can probably see some of his pictures on is next blog, it'll be posted on Tuesday, you can find his blog here!

My first days here in Norway has been pretty uneventful so far, I seem to have no choice with this silly cold! I'm just in now with my tea trying to be better. I'm loving the song "Ride" by Lana Del Rey right now. She posted the video on YouTube a little while ago.

Lots of love!