So long Ireland


As you can see fall is sneaking it's way onto the Irish trees and it's lovely. We are leaving for the airport first thing in the morning to catch our plane with which we've bought a one way ticket to Bergen. It's definitely weird leaving Ireland and the people here. Ken's family feels like my own, I'll miss them so much. Though I am excited to go to Norway to see my own people. 


We have rented a storage unit with all our things. Our previous apartment was unfurnished so we have so many things. I have lots and lots of clothes and shoes of course too that I have no space for it in my luggage and Ken's got so many instruments and recording devices so it was perfect getting a storage unit. It's a little expensive, but worth it for us so when we come back everything is in one place. The storage unit is a really good idea and and the space is nice and dry I would recommend it to anyone. I tried to take a photo of the place, but Ken stepped in and it became a cute couple photo instead.

 The other day Mandy came home with what must be the first christmas calendars of the year. I ate it all of course. It was delicious! She also got Kinder maxi king which has been the tradition every time we go to Lidl. They come in a pack of three so one each. It's was nice of her.


I also think it's mentionable to tell that they have a pizza vending machine in Dun Laoghaire. I've always wanted to try, but I never did! I will when I come back though, it's five euros.


Yesterday we had a goodbye dinner with Ken's dad, Eamonn and his girlfriend, Birgit, her daughter, Aminata, Ken's sister Marie and Granny Carmel. Birgit just moved here from Austria and made us a traditional Austrian meal. It was delicious! 


We got cards and presents. Above is Granny and a part of the card signed my their dog, Finn.


 I also got the cutest things from Marie. It was pink and horsey, perfect!! She started a music school in Stillorgan called Harmania and she's doing really well. She is one of the most talented musicians I know. I've had piano lessons from her and she's just great she taught me new techniques and ways of playing that improved my piano playing so much. I'm a classical player so I think the techniques are really important so it was perfect. She also plays guitar and has a very powerful voice. She just opens her mouth and out comes effortless beauty. Her website is here. This is her youtube page where you can find videos of her from her school. She's super nice too as you can see by her thoughtful gifts.

 Granny also gave me a travel bag for my makeup. I absolutely love her, she is so sweet, considerate and funny. I love hearing stories from her life. She has so many good ones, like once she lived in a castle and she knows all about traditional Irish things. She cooks the best meals of course, I'm always excited to visit her and eat, haha.

I'll be landing in Bergen at 5.40 pm tomorrow. I'm excited for the fresh air. Ken is going to blog every Tuesday so you can check his from today here. It's worth checking out.

Now I have to go to bed to enjoy my last night in Ireland and because we have to get up early so sweet dreams. Lots of love:)