Fall beauty

Yesterday I spent the morning at my mums place. She's got herself a new house and are throwing away lots of things from the house she's been living in and to help her do that she had my aunt fly in from Trondheim. She's not my aunt by blood, but she's just always been my aunt, you know that way? We had a great breakfast together, my mum loves big breakfasts and so do I so it's lots of bread and everything you could possibly have on it, eggs, sausages and bacon. It was great!

I went through some clothes to see if I wanted any and I went through some of my old school books. I found a few great clothes that I liked and kept and while going through my school books I found so much drawings in them I thought I'd show some. I used to be absolutely crazy about horses. I still am of course, but I used to have horses on everything I owned. I forgot to take pictures of the beautiful breakfast and my beautiful aunt unfortunately, but I took some of my old books.


So it started like this, this is from 97 so when I was five. Before I had even started riding, I started when I was six. I had a thing for horses long before I actually got to be around them.


The heart around only the word horse!! Haha


I think I had to draw the different seasons and I put some horses in there too!


We had to make a comic strip! Haha, it just looked so funny!


This one says in the first picture "just rubbish" and the second one says "This is the way we want it"


This is obviously not my drawings in my book, it must have been the thing that happened before frapes!


My drawings evolved a little thankfully! This one was drawn in 04 so I must have been 12.  I can't explain the extremely long legs, it must have been a young horse, haha!


I also liked drawing them in a funny way.

It was so much fun looking through my books, almost every page looked like that, I had forgotten how much I liked to draw! I also read my diary from when I was little and instead of having boys names in hearts I used to have horse names. In my diary it said:

"What is your favorite thing to do: See and ride Rozz.

What is the highlight of your weekend: Brush and spend time with Rozz

What do you look forward to: Ride and pet Rozz"

It was so funny to read!

My grandma and her husband is here for my dads birthday today. It so good to see them. They brought their Rottweiler, Roma, as well. It's nice to have a dog in the house again. They drove here from east in Norway, a place called Telemark. It close to Oslo. I don't get to see them a lot so I'm always very happy when they are here. 

My dad is turning 47 today so I made cupcakes for him yesterday. I've made cupcakes before, but only with my friend, Ciara, because she actually can bake. I tried on my own this time and they turned out fine. It was fun and they looked really cute.


I don't think we're celebrating his birthday a lot, but it's very nice being with him on his birthday again as we have been in different countries the last few years and haven't seen each other for any of the holidays or birthdays. I love being here. 

I've been out all day today and I just love the fall colours. Every single tree is just so stunning and you feel like you're walking in a fairytale world. It's raining yellow leaves and the ground is full of them too so wherever you see it's so beautiful, especially on such a beautiful sunny day like this! I don't think fall and it's beauty will ever stop amusing me. 


Happy birthday dad, I love you