The Beetles


I've been tied to the bed the last few days because of my cold. Not cool! The only interesting thing I've really done outside the house apart from a few errands is going to a car gathering with my grandpa. I've wanted to for a really long time, he's asked me several times to go, but I've never been able to. He's been going to meetings for years. He's had a Beetle for as long as I can remember and a motorbike with a side wagon. He takes apart the motorbike every winter to make sure all the parts are in shape and stuff and puts it together for the summer season. He parks his car for the winter too and can fix it himself if it's broken, I think that's really cool.

When I was little he would take me out to his back garden with my bike and we'd take it apart and polish it and put oil on the parts that needed it and really do it up. He also brought me big pieces of chalk one day and together we picked out fossils, it was really exciting! I still have the ones we found, he gave me a book too so I could try to figure out which kinds I found. He'd also take me fishing, mushroom picking, hiking, bike rides and motorbike rides. I feel so fortunate to have done many of those things. He's really interesting, he'd know way more than my school books and has had the most interesting jobs like gold smith, sailor and marine biologist. We always have something to talk about which is great! 

Back to what we did! It was a VW club who hosted the meeting and they were turning 25 that day. There were 25 cars who showed up mostly beetles, some busses and two really old Volvos. We drove all together for little over an hour before we stopped. We were gonna pick up some pizzas, but they weren't ready like they were suppose to even though they had ordered them three days in advance. We left and drove for another 15 minutes till we came to an old school. It was a big yellow building on top of a small hill. It looked a very typical old school. Some guy had bought it and turned it into a museum. He had bought really old cars that were gonna go to waste so he got them really cheap. He put them in the schools old gym which was downstairs in the building. There were toilets in the hallway, a food hall and another room which I'm guessing was the classroom. They had filled that room with typical sixties things. They had made two living room looking corners and in the middle there was like a big glass shelf with old car models and other things that was typical sixties style and wooden skis. 

When we had seen everything there was to see someone had picked up the delayed pizza and we all went to the food hall to eat and watch old movies from Bergen and how the rode we drove there on was made. The atmosphere was in general very nice and people seemed excited to be there and see each other. It was very lucky that it was sunny that day, we got to see so much nature on the way and it's especially beautiful now I think as everything is yellow, orange and red. It was a really cool experience and I was so happy to see my grandpa again, I don't see him nearly enough. 


Here we are right before we left from Bergen. 


My Grandpa's beetle. I think her name is Dolly.


Me and my grandpa, Kjell. Ken's photo.


Ken had this cool idea,  love this photo. 


Grandpa and Ken in the small beetle. I had to sit in the back as usual because there were less space there. Lame! I think the boys just want to stick together!


Typical sixties living room in the old class room.


An old gas tank! So cute!


He also had some old motorbikes


It was made to look like an old gas station, cute! There's my grandpa and some of his friends.


I loved this one




All the cars were really big


One of the beetles were an old police car.


Ken is busy being handsome in the food hall.


Old Pinball machine


Here's me and Ken. We tried to take a photo of us in a hurry with all the cars in the background, but failed.. 


Beautiful scenery on the way back


Pretty, pretty!

It was a great day, I had a lot of fun. I'll have to link you to Ken's page again as he's got some awesome photos of for example all the cars on the road and things like that. I feel very lucky that my grandpa took us, I had a blast!

I'm still inside with my tea, but I'm ready for some action again now, I'm pretty soon over my cold. Ken has got a bank account opened now, that's pretty awesome and he's started working too. I'm very proud and excited!