Today! :)


Today has been one of those days where nothing goes quite right. I think it's because we were up too early. Personally I think nothing good happens before 11 am. We spent the night with Ken's beautiful mum, Mandy! You may need to note that name for further reference as I tend see her from time to time. She's lovely!

She needed to be at work quite early so we hitched a ride with her into Dun Laoghaire because the game Borderlands 2 came out today and as a dedicated gamer Ken had pre ordered it and was very excited! When we got there though the delivery of the game was delayed so we had wait for a while. To kill some time we had coffee at Costa Coffee and bagels at the Bagel Factory. We also spontaneously went to see the movie Total Recall and bought me a new dress.


The visuals were great and the effects were well done, but apart from that there was nothing particularly exciting about the movie. I got my pink candy floss though so I was happy:)


We were both so tired and for some reason so cold the entire time we were waiting so it was some long hours, but he got it his game in the end even though they had gotten in only five collectors editions of the game or something. Silly Gamestop!

Later on we were watching The Simpsons and saw Dr. Hibbert with some mustache parallel with his eye brows!! Look!


Hahaha!! It looked so funny! 

On another random note I saw on instagram that Example had interviewed a famous Norwegian footballer! Isn't that random?!


Mandy is also moving these days so we had found some of Ken's old things while taking things from the attic. It was so cool to see his old toys and he was reunited with his first and favorite teddy, it was adorable. Snowy is his name:)


This morning my friend Junior left to study in the U.S. So sad to see him leave, he's really wonderful, I wanna wish him the best of luck. He'll be missed!! He's unlike anyone I've ever met, he's just so nice! My heart goes out to his boyfriend, Jack who's back here in Ireland. I can't imagine how it must be for him. 

I have to end this blog now before I fall asleep! I'm sure Ken's got even more to say about the day, you can read his side of the story on his blog here

Lots of love xoxo