Hey sweeties!

Today has been really long. Pretty early (as in the afternoon, but you know how I feel about mornings) me and Ken went to Sea Life in Bray. It's a small building on the middle of the pier. I was really excited, but there wasn't that much to see, haha! What was there was very nice though. Pictures! I'm having a bit of trouble with my camera on my phone at the moment, I'm not sure what it is, but every photo gets blurry and if I use flash the whole picture just turns way too white. My digital camera has a little water drop in it's lens after I dropped it in the water while rowing so the quality of my pictures won't be really good, my apologies!


Cutest seahorse!


A tiny shark!


A shark egg! You could see the baby swimming inside the egg.


Ken and me in front of the shark tank.

Afterwards we went to get ice cream and coffee at my favorite place in Bray. It's Italian and the ice cream there is the best! 


I can not forget to mention that I got the new Muse album last night. After midnight Ken was so kind and downloaded it for me. So exciting! There was like making of the album videos and stuff with it so we saw them in bed before we went to sleep. It was so nice and hilarious. We kept pretending that we were stealing their stuff by trying to take it of the screen it made me laugh so hard! I can't express my love for the new album enough, I literally can't get enough of it. It's amazing!!


Here it is on my phone! Eeee!

Then I got a phone call from someone very important!


Aren't my shoes so pretty??

Later we were gonna go and see Burning Amber, our friend Eoin's band, like I mention in a previous blog. They were playing in the Harbour Bar in Bray. For pre-drinks we drank some very fancy champaign that was a gift from my mum when she here last time!


The band killed it at the gig of course, they were great and very funny! It was their very first gig too so it was extra special.


Ken doing some sound check


For 11 euros you can get this!! Haha!


I had a really great day all together. Right now I'm about to go to sleep at Mandy's house because we are going to Wexford tomorrow morning looking for a new house for Mandy. I'll take some photos and blog about that tomorrow.

We also have our final moving date. We're officially leaving for Norway the 9th of October. Very exciting news!

Again if you want to see Ken's blog you can click here!

I'll see you soon:)

Lots of love xoxo