Road trip!

Hi-diddly-ho, neighborino!


Yesterday Ken, myself and Mandy went to Wexford for the day. So we drove through Wicklow, Arklow and Enniscorthy, as you can see on the map, and ended up in Wexford. I love road trips like that  because you get to see so much and you get to listen to music in the car which is always a lovely experience. The journey took about two hours, we saw mostly nature and small strawberry venders. I was excited because Ken used to live there for a long time and I keep hearing stories from Wexford so I can finally put a "face to the name".

It was sunny and really nice, I was rocking the backseat. Muse, Mark Tremonti, Alterbridge and Avenged Sevenfold were on the playlist and all of those put me in a great mood. I also got to hear even more fun stories from the way like they told me how Enniscorthy is always cloudy and they were right. It was bright and sunny without a cloud in the sky, but as soon as we came to Enniscorthy it was super cloudy and all the clouds went away when we past it.

The reason we went to Wexford was for Mandy to look at a house. She needs to move as they're selling her current one. I love house hunting so I was quick to say I'd love to come.


My view from the backseat.


I was never quick enough to take a photo so this is a very zoomed in photo of a gas station. A really old gas station that is! I've never seen one of these other that in movies. 


A frog bin outside a gas station


Some cool looking house I saw on the way.

Arriving in Wexford it was just a lot of houses and cottages. We stopped outside a massive Tesco (grocery shop). It's by far the biggest supermarket I've seen. We got some chicken and drinks and had lunch in the car. It was really nice, I absolutely love doing pretty much anything in a car I don't know why, I just think it's so nice.

When we were finished lunching Mandy went off to have coffee with her friends so Ken took me to show me the town.


 The first thing I saw was rows of these chairs which seemed to be an alternative bench solution. It looked pretty funny, I never tried them, wonder if they're comfortable.


Then I saw this art sculpture thing as you can see around it everything is made of stone so it's quite Grey looking. When we got further into the town there were more colours.


 This is main street in Wexford town. It's like two or three times the length you can see it the photo, so quite small. It was nice though. Apparently it looked much better now than when Ken lived there six years ago. The streets were really narrow so it seemed very hectic for the cars. Being there makes you feel like you go back in time, just let me show a photo of the local bus:



 I could't even believe Ken when he told me. I was in total shock, I thought those were an urban myth or at least belonging to a museum.

At the seafront there was also a train driving through. I looked scary because it was so close to the cars and had no fence around it.


Those photos were taken on the sea front. It was really nice and full of boats. 


The Wexford flag! Those colours were everywhere! 

 There were really nice coffee shops there so we went to some of them. We also went to Wexford Silver which was owned by a guy who made Kens necklace. He actually remembered making it so many years ago and cleaned it for him for free. It was so shiny afterwards.


I aslo went to a chocolate store of course. I love chocolate so I spent my last fiver on that. I loved it, it was so nice. They even had piano shape!


Wexford looked a lot like any other small town in Ireland to be honest, it was really nice. We had a great time and we got to see the house Mandy is maybe moving in to. The land lady was really nice and knew two of Mandy's friends so that was great.

Around wexford there were lots of farms, stables, bad smells and tractors. It's nice to see the country side though. It's a lot like Norway just different, I can't put my finger on what it is.


If you look closely at the wire you'll see it ends just right there, haha.