Eee! Excied! I just saw that Muse's new album is streaming right now! You can find it here!


Unless you've been living under a rock lately you'll know this is what the new Muse album cover will look like. The release date is 1st of October and I couldn't be more excited! Ken has ordered me the special edition and every time he wants me to get excited he turns on his "sexy voice" and tells me how he ordered the Deluxe Edition, it's so funny! I'm a hardcore Muse fan, they've been my favorite band since I was fourteen-fifteen years old.

Sadly my internet connection is really bad at the moment so I don't get to listen to the album yet, but if you're one of the luckier ones I hope you can find it on my link up there.

Earlier today we had a visit from Finn, he's Ken's dad's dog. I just have to show a photo of him because he looks like a big teddy or one of those big stuffed animals that are first price when you shoot or throw things at fun fairs!


Isn't he so fluffy?!

I had the limited edition Diet Coke cans designed by Jean Paul Gaultier earlier too. He designed one called 'Night' and one called 'Day'. I had the 'Night' one. I couldn't see the 'Day' one, but it features his signature Breton Blue-and-White stripes. This ''Night' one has a corset and cone bra design.


Yesterday I was at Eoin's band practice, they're really good, they have a gig at the Harbour Bar in Bray on Friday evening. If you're in the area you should definitely stop by! They're called Burning Amber. Eoin is one of Ken's old friends I think they've known each other through their entire teenagers. He's super nice, he's the go-to-guy if you need anything done. One time he climbed up and washed our sunroof windows from the outside!


Eoin is the blurry, hairy one in the middle. He's also Ken's best guitar buddy. They always write music together and he used to be around our house all the time to record with Ken. They play many of his songs in the band and it's fun hearing them now with a full band after having heard the songs played many, many times with only vocals and an acoustic guitar.

I'm going to visit Mandy tomorrow and I'm so excited because there is a pair of shoes waiting for me that was delivered to her address. I'll blog about them tomorrow, be excited, they are so stunning!

Here in Bray it's raining a lot today, it's really nice, it makes such a lovely sound. I hope it's raining less the next few days though, I wanna wear my new shoes a lot:)